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Welcome to the New Life Children’s Home Information Web Site.  On this Site you will find our News Letters, Videos and Slide Shows of our work in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.


Below is a list of desperately needed items that will go directly to the most remote mountains and coastal villages of Haiti where we have been working for years. These villages have NEVER been reached by large organizations or the government. They are extremely remote and difficult to reach, but this is where our heart is as a ministry. We arrived there with a team and we believe that at this time, the items that are needed the most are on the list below. We will update this list as the needs change. The boxes of supplies that you donate and the donations that you give will go straight to the people that live in the villages that took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please pack a box of GOOD usable quality items from list below and tape a packing list to the box. At this time, we do not need clothing.


Label each box: World Harvest Missions "Haiti Hurricane Relief." and drop it off at one of the locations below:

Drop Off Locations:

7255 S. Military Trail 
Lake Worth, FL 33463

1511 W. Boynton Beach Boulevard 
Boynton Beach, FL 33436


Ship or deliver the box to one of the the flight companies below and follow these instructions:


1. Please label box with one of the following: TOILETRIES, FOOD, EMERGENCY SUPPLIES, ETC.

2. Address the box to: Miriam Frederick
3170 Airmans Drive #2100 WHMO
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

3. Weigh your box and calculate freight cost by taking the weight and multiplying it by $1.50 per lb.

4. Make a check out to Missionary Flights International for the total freight amount plus $5.00. This additional $5.00 will cover any additional freight cost, should there be a weight discrepancy.

5. The check memo must read World Harvest Missions #2100

6. Mail check (separately from the box) to: Missionary Flights International
Attn: World Harvest Missions #2100
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946


1. Please label box with one of the following: TOILETRIES, FOOD, EMERGENCY SUPPLIES, ETC.  Mark corner of box: HURRICANE RELIEF-NL4K

2. Address the box to: Gladys Mungo
c/o Agape Flights - CAY - 21655
100 Airport Avenue E
Venice, FL 34285

3. Weigh your box and calculate freight cost by taking the weight and multiplying it by $1.75 per lb.

4. Make a check out to Agape Flights for the total freight amount plus $5.00. This will cover any additional freight cost, should there be a weight discrepancy.

5. The check memo must read Cargo-Mungo-CAY-21655

6. Mail check (separately from the box) to: Agape Flights 
Cargo Donation - 21655 
100 Airport Avenue E
Venice, FL 34285

Please keep the boxes coming as the situation in Haiti will be here for a long time. Consider asking your friends to help get the word out. Many people are asking how they can help. Some suggestions are to Participate in the PACK-A-BOX Program, donate ( and pray! All of these are very important. Perhaps groups can send boxes on a regular basis to keep the help coming.

Funds are needed badly to purchase food, medicine and supplies. If you can donate, please go to All gifts are tax deductible. 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 561-868-5005 or email us at

Thank you for being God's hands extended. 
Miriam Frederick 

Love has no borders



• Water in bottles and gallon containers

• Clothing – all items needed for toddlers, children and   adults

• Shoes / Sandals – for toddlers, children and adults

• Toiletries – Deodorant, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes,    Bar Soap, Baby Powder, Laundry Soap (powder)

• Diapers - Baby, Medium & Large - sizes 3 and up /   Adult, Small & Medium for special need adults

• Baby Wipes

• Snacks - Peanut butter crackers / Cheese crackers /   Cookies - Individually wrapped - six in a pack.

• Food - Dry Milk / Dry Baby Food (cereal), Rice &   Beans, Peanut Butter

• Vitamins - Gummy Bears Vitamins for Children / Adult  Vitamins, Liquid Iron supplement for children, Iron   tablets for adults, Vitamin C for children and adults

• Medicine - Cough & Cold Medicines for children and   adults, Tylenol for children and adults. Please do not   send prescription 
  or expired medications.

• Medical Supplies - bandages, ointments, wound care   for children and adults

• Sheets, towels, wash cloths, blankets – used is okay   if in good condition

• Trash bags in all sizes

• Ziploc Gallon Bags

• Large tarps to cover roofs

• Flash lights

• Batteries

Please label the filled box or bag as TOILETRIES, FOOD, USED CLOTHING OR EMERGENCY SUPPLIES.
This is a big help for us with customs. Thank you for your giving heart for those affected by Hurricane Matthew!

World Harvest Missions Outreach Inc.
New Life Children's Home

PO Box 6462
Lake Worth, FL 33466
Phone: 561.868.5005

Fax: 561.967.6699

  We are a 501c3 organization, established since 1977 with our orphanage in Port-Au Prince, Haiti and our state side offices in Lake Worth, Florida.

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CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the Medical Supplies needed


The drop off containers in Lake Worth, FL will be available until October 30. After that date, we are requesting that the Pack-A-Box donations be shipped to the flight companies listed on our website at We will continue to collect funds to purchase food and supplies in Haiti as we have been doing. We distributed the supplies that have arrived in Haiti so far and we are ready for the other container shipments to arrive. We appreciate your donations! There is so much to be done. These are a few pictures of food and aid distribution in the areas that had not received any help until we arrived. It was difficult to leave so many people with so many needs. It has been raining every day and without tarps, thousands of people must live without a roof over what is left of their homes. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Miriam Speaking about New Life Children’s Home

Video by: Dan Gillette

CLICK HERE to read our BLOG, also contains information on Haiti.

The people of the mountains were so hungry and desperate that it became hectic in distributing food to the areas that had not received any. We had to move the food to a makeshift building and bring people inside in small groups while the others waited outside in the rain. Tropical storm type weather came through and flooded these villages again. We handed out all of the tarps we brought. The need for food there is critical. There are reports of elderly people dying in the mountains from lack of food.